colleen ebsworth

personal trainer

I love the feeling of helping people achieve their goals and to see them able to do exercises they previously thought impossible


Colleen became a certified fitness professional just over 3 years ago.  The decision to become a personal trainer ‘later in life’ was because Colleen believes she can make a difference to a client’s health and wellbeing.  Colleen enjoys nothing more than helping clients achieve their goals and set new goals, travelling the journey together with lots of fun and laughter. 

Everyone is ‘time poor’ but Colleen also understands that you, the client, need to make time for themselves for a fitter and healthier lifestyle.  It doesn’t matter how unfit you are, how much weight needs to be lost or muscle to be gained and any excuse that can be thought of (trust me I’ve used them all) you the client need to focus on creating a better ‘you’.  Colleen’s focus is to support you! 


Colleen enjoys working with older people and people with various health issues and will do whatever she can do to ensure that each client feels comfortable and supported to achieve their goals.


  • Cert III and Cert IV in Fitness

  • Mobility and Functionality

  • Cert IV in Small Business Management

  • First Aid Certificate

  • CPR Certificat