“We take an individual approach to your training because it is the most efficient way for
you to reach your goals”
— Tal Evans


November 13, 2015


Going to the gym is not just about ticking a box. It’s about developing the practical/functional skills and knowledge to apply to the everyday, to things outside the gym walls – from your desk at work, to the mountain you’re hiking up or abseiling down on the weekend. It’s about knowing how to train, eat, and recover in ways that promote sustainable fitness.

Project offers various complementary services, including physiotherapy, nutrition, and personal training, alongside their core function as a gym. Through these services, Project clients can obtain a holistic and, most importantly, a useful service that they can enjoy wherever they are. With specialists working in each area, Project aims to guarantee an optimum service to all its clients, and a service they cannot find elsewhere.


  • Exclusive access to the gym
  • One-on-one programming inline with your goals and fitness level
  • Friendly, fun and supportive environment
  • Private classes including ZUU, Pilates, boxing and ladies night
  • Goal setting, physical assessments, body composition assessment with our expert trainers to gain a better understanding of your individual needs. 
  • Individualised ongoing re-assessments of your progress, support and assistance to achieve your goals
  • Personalised individual training sessions every time you come to the gym, inline with your goals and fitness level



  • Physiotherapy, dry needling and remedial massage
  • Sports dietitian and nutritionist
  • One-on-one personal training